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Get ready to experience the difference with 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) to deliver the "Always-On-Campus"

Aruba recently launched their 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) access points, powered by new mobility controllers and their new 8400 high performance core LAN switches to deliver a single secure architecture that delivers the best user experience to date for enhanced teaching, learning and research.

Undertake our Free WiFi Optimisation Survey & Readiness Service to find out what you need to deliver the best user experience.

802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) Access Points

The "Always-On-Campus"

By simultaneously serving multiple clients and traffic types in dense campus environments, we can boost performance of your network by up to 400%, delivering optimised WiFi services for 'any' type of user, device and application.

Download "Why you need 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) whitepaper"

Aruba WiFi

8400 Core Switch

The game changer

A breakthrough solution, offering huge return on investment with carried-grade performance and security that will revolutionise your campus. The shift to digital has disrupted every part of the network - more devices, more apps, more traffic, more security threats. Aruba's new 8400 solution offers a flexible and innovative approach to dealing with the new application, security and scalability demands of the mobile-cloud and IoT era.

Aruba 8400 Switch Series


Simple and secure device access

Utilise eduroam for network visibility, access and control for 'any' device Safely enable BYOD and IoT network access without compromising your campus security or disrupting the user experience. Aruba's Clearpass RADIUS (NAC) solution securely automates device on-boarding for your students, staff, visitors and/or contractors - with full attack detection and adaptive response.

Read St John's College, Cambridge success story here

Aruba ClearPass

"Central" management for everything

One single view of your entire network

Aruba Central lets you centrally manage and monitor your wired and WiFi networks from the cloud. Leverage easy to use zero-touch provisioning, hassle free feature upgrades, web based management and layer 7 application visibility and control. Take advantage of cloud scalability, redundancy and security for today’s campus, BYOD and IoT needs.

Aruba Management

Free WiFi Optimisation Survey & Readiness Service

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  • WiFi survey (one building, regardless of size): Coverage, capacity, required AP's and locations
  • Optimisation and Readiness Report: Detailing recommended equipment (AP's, switches, management, NAC)
  • Cost proposal

Return on Investment

Your current core switches versus Aruba's "8400" series

If you would like to understand the cost savings that we can offer you with Aruba's new core switches, please click on this link and answer a few questions about your current network. We will then send you a ROI cost analysis, detailing saving and performance improvements.

Webinar invitations

"Wi-Fi 6 - The Next Big Leap: Next-Gen Wi-Fi from HPE Aruba"

Register here to attend our webinars, with Nick Walters, UKI SE Manager & Channel CTO

Khipu University of Westminster

Improving the user experience with KHIPU & Aruba – University of Westminster Case Study

If you want to know how to build best-of-breed networks, universities can be good places to look. London’s University of Westminster is no exception: its network has grown and changed vendors over the years as the demands on it have increased.

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